Thursday, 4 July 2013

The 6 Crazy Rubish Bins

"Ahhhhhh" cried the rubish bins "Give me back my food!" "No, stop" said the mum. Theses are the 6 crazy rubish bins named  Lilly, Rose, Sophie, Megan, and Maria. They were so so crazy.They liked to be crazy. One day they went to the beach. They pretended to put  rubish in there own self. They pretended to park themselves like a car too.Then some peploe came and put rubish in them. "Ahhhh" cried Maria "what's that?" "It is rubbish" said mum. They went to have a swim but then they fall over. They were all wet. So they went home to dry off and go to bed.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Chloe

    Great writing!
    You have started your story creatively and have used speech marks well to show when the characters are speaking. Talking rubbish bins! Oh no!

    Next time you could describe the setting, which is where your story takes place. So describe the beach, what kind of day it is and maybe what the other people are doing.

    From Mrs Natusch